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Environmental protection silicone car key cover


First of all, special silica gel and high-performance silica gel are relatively large gaps in the domestic market, then there are three types of special glue: fire-retardant plastic, low-grade adhesive and liquid adhesive, and their technological content is very demanding. Liquid silicone rubber, as its name implies, is a liquid with liquidity. Liquid silicone rubber is a food-grade silicone that can be in direct contact with the human body. It is mainly used in baby nipples, Silicone Car Key Cover, cake molds, electronic appliances, silicone wristbands, and medical infusion catheters. There are kitchen utensils for cooking. Liquid silicone molding, that is, liquid silicone rubber is not added.

With the rapid development of Silicone Car Key Case improvement of living standards, people have become increasingly aware of the safety and hygiene of daily necessities, and there is a higher demand for the transparency, mechanical strength, elasticity, and real feeling of breastmilk products of silicone rubber products. In particular, the hygienic requirements for baby products and the like have been increasingly raised, and the level of hygiene required for selected materials has also been correspondingly increased.

Liquid molding silicone rubber includes injection molding glue series, with moderate viscosity, can be pumped, continuous in the whole process of metering, mixing and forming, automatic, formable products or complex shapes, or the structure is complex. The general liquid silicone molding product has a high molding speed and can be completed in 20 to 30 seconds at a time. The cycle time is no more than 60 seconds. Save time and effort, save costs, and save energy. The molding pressure is low, the measurement is accurate, the precision of the mold is high, the product is free from defects and no flash, and raw materials and labor costs are saved. High tearing, good resilience, good weather resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, anti-yellowing resistance and other characteristics.

The addition of liquid silicone rubber products is safe, non-toxic and has excellent performance. It is just suitable for people's use requirements and has become the most popular product in the market. Liquid silicone rubber materials have become the material of choice due to their excellent chemical inertness and high hygiene grades.

From the standpoint of product classification, application characteristics, and precautions of silicone rubber, silicone rubber raw materials, and liquid silicone raw materials, there will be differences. The application technology and the main application uses of silicone raw materials, liquid silicone rubber raw materials are well known, and we can have more. To discover, study and explore.

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