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Silicone Car Key Cover for better Life

If the life of the Silicone Car Key Cover is not unexpected, the car seat cover should be removed and cleaned once every six months. The leather seat cover should be always wiped. When scrubbing, be careful not to scrub with acidic liquids. Leather seat covers are chemically treated and acidic cleaners may affect its life.

Cars should not be exposed to sunlight. Intense sunlight may cause oxidation of the leather seat cover and a bad smell of leather. In addition, the strong sunshine will cause cracks in the seat cover.

Under normal circumstances, the leather seat cover should be replaced once every five years, and the cloth seat cover should be replaced once a year.

The seats of the woven-fabric-seat cleaning and maintenance fabrics are relatively simple to dispose of. When the flocked seat is not very dirty, it can be used with a long-haired brush and a strong suction vacuum cleaner. When brushing the seat surface, suck the dirt out with the suction mouth of the vacuum cleaner. For particularly dirty seats, the following steps should be taken when cleaning: first use a brush to clean the dirty part, then use a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of neutral detergent, wipe the seat thoroughly in semi-dry semi-wet case The surface, and finally with a vacuum cleaner to clean the seat and eliminate excess moisture.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris. If dust condenses on the velvet or is difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner, brush it with a soft brush and suck it with a vacuum cleaner.

Wipe the surface of the fiber with a dry cloth, then dry the seat fiber thoroughly. If the flannel is still dirty, wipe it with mild soapy water and warm water and dry it thoroughly.

If dirt doesn't clear out, try the fiber cleaners on the market. Use this cleaner first in a less obvious position to make sure it does not have a negative effect on the flannel. Use this cleaner according to the instructions.

Usually do not eat in the car is best not to eat must not be when must pay attention to, do not let the food fine slag falling on the seat, in order to avoid the growth of aphids or other microorganisms and produce strange smell.
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